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POWER UP ENGINE TREATMENT is an outstanding metal treatment for engine components that treats the surface of the metal to form a tough low friction shield. The tough low friction shield is able to withstand 4 to 5 times more load, pressure and friction as compared to conventional or normal engine oil, oil treatment and other form of engine treatments. It starts to provide lubrication where engine oil leaves off, by conditioning and penetrating the metal of your engine, not the oil. This is accomplished by smoothing the microscopic irregularities, cracks and points of uneven wear on the surface of bearings, pushrods, lifters, the crank and camshafts. All internal moving parts that oil is pumped to is conditioned with a smooth, oiled surface which is more slippery and creates less friction than a non-oiled surface.

The damaging amounts and effects of friction, heat build up and wear are significantly reduced which extends component service life and lessens maintenance costs and downtime.

POWER UP ENGINE TREATMENT is exclusively formulated to blend with petroleum and synthetic oils, gear lubes, transmission fluids and grease. It contains no solids to retard penetration and will not cause any material build up or change even the finest of machine tolerances.

Used in conjunction with POWER UP ENGINE TREATMENT and other Power Up fine products, your vehicle engine will perform at peak levels while generating the benefits of fuel savings to you.

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Engine Treatment

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