ADV 5135 Anti-Oxidant

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  • High molecular weight phenolic ester type ashless antioxidant.
  • Widely used in cycle oils, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, high quality engine oils transmission oils and grease.
  • Has good synergistic effect when used together with the amine antioxidants in various base oil.

  • Good Antioxidation at High Temperature
  • Good Oil Solubility
  • Low Volatility
  • Good Compatibility

  • A cost-effective product
  • Can replace the solid Methylene bisphenol.
  • Low volatility at high temperature.
  • The thermal stability can be improved a lot with a small dosage of compressor oil additives
  • The detergency of piston can be improved a lot within gasoline and diesel engine oil additives and the sludge formation can be controlled.
  • Can inhibit the carbon formation at the piston upper of heavy load diesel engine.

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ADV 5135 Anti-Oxidant

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